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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform allows users to use either your own crypto coin or let them transact in one of the prevalent cryptocurrencies widely being used. Our professional crypto exchange software developers , advisors, and sexperts harness the power of knowledge to smooth your cryptocurrency exchange development journey. We fulfill specific crypto exchange requirements to enable users to trade through smart contracts, exchange all coin, and Fiat currencies and digitize illiquid assets effortlessly and efficiently.

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Crypto developers allow users to customize and latest cryptocurrency exchange development services . Our exchange services always come with an art piece. It is well developed on secured blockchain technology. We come with a new crypto exchange trading platform for you. Our developer team can provide you white label cryptocurrency exchange software from scratch. We are the cross-functional team of quality and market-ready crypto-exchange software developers. Our experts provide an integrated roadmap for your cryptocurrency trade. They can ensure you to help clients manage their exchange development journey.

We always try to solve essential and complex methods. So that we can achieve a competitive advantage. Updated technology and future goal-oriented strategies make us more efficient and confident. We always express the best efforts to the fundamental features. Like functionality, UI/UX, Scalability and Security of the program. At crypto developers, you can build a strong and safe cryptocurrency exchange platform. It provided with modern technologies and safety methods as your organization needs. Our cryptocurrency exchange development company services focus on world-class white label cryptocurrency exchanges. You can grow your services by managing security, code, performance, design, and quality

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company Services

Crypto Developers provide you top-class and quality white label cryptocurrency exchange development company services . We can ensure you increasing business growth with our committed services.

- High Transaction Per Second (TPS)

Transaction Speed is the major leader to get the best trading experience. You need to develop a fast exchange platform to grow your trading market. With our services and cryptocurrency exchange software , you can relax with the performance. Because we process the highest transactions. Up to 20,000 transactions per second confirming your best performance.

- Digital Wallet

We provide high and well-founded crypto wallets. Our crypto-wallet featured with high-security features. Like 2-step authentication, co-signer support, and biometric verification. Also, we develop a QR-code scan feature. It helps you get an automatic receiver’s wallet address by scanning. Our wallet services ensure you authenticated and reliable transactions.

- Powerful Matching Engine

Crypto Developers use a powerful matching engine for every exchange. This trading engine matches the sell and buy orders with fast and reliable speed. It takes the least delay with the capability of order process and management. It is important for the cryptocurrency trading system.

- AML and KYC

We provide Know Your customer (KYL) and Anti-money laundering (AML) features. With this, you can check all your transactions and data. At Crypto Developers you can stay safe with hassle-free exchange and client checking. With KYC feature users can trade assets in large amounts.

- High-Security

We provide advance development security services. Like 4-digit pin authentication, 2-step verification (like google and Email verification). Also, we offer SSL implementation, fund withdrawal and security features for exchange development.

- Full Functional Admin Panel

We have the expert admin panel team. They can control the full functionality of the exchange platform. Users can check and track transactions and trading data. They can check it with the real-view display of cryptocurrency. Our functional admin panel helps you accessing easy cryptocurrency exchange platform. You can use it with the featured software exchange dashboard.

- Support Multi-Language

We always try to support our customers by increasing their business area. That’s why we provide the multi-language features to give expand their trade across the globe. Users can choose their desired language from the dashboards. And can make deals with potential traders/investors in the cryptocurrency exchange platform.

- Marginal Trading

User needs to trade on marginal trading opportunities. It can grow business earning in a convenient way. Marginal trading helps you use your assets following your exchange strategy. Also, it allows making the profit multiplied with your currency market.

- High Liquidity assets

Crypto Developers provide high-frequency trading liquidity to attract more cryptocurrency users. The new as the well-existing user can be well directed to the system with the smallest delay time. Also, it creates the opportunity of new and most orders to use their funds in a short time.

- Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company Service

Trading or exchanging many crypto coins are now easy and possible. Go and search and find the best Cryptocurrency Exchange services near you. "Cryptodevelopers" is an expert and specializes in providing Cryptocurrency Exchange Development services.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency is one of the most financial lead today. It starts a new era with peer to peer transactions. Cryptocurrency Exchange system is the digital and easy exchange method to use. It states the decentralized currency system unlike US dollars, Rupees, Euros, etc. You have to develop a cryptocurrency exchange system to expand your crypto business. It helps to buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. The cryptocurrency exchange is a system where one can trade or exchange cryptocurrencies. It's some online sites. Here you can trade cryptocurrencies with traditional currencies or digital assets. A cryptocurrency exchange is also referred to as a Digital (DCE) currency exchange. Sometimes it's called online currency exchange. It is the fundamental trading or exchanging process for all cryptocurrency investments. You can exchange crypto coins with a currency like Euro or US dollars. Users can buy or sell their assets (digital) with top priority protection. It is the one-off currency exchanger without any risk of a security breakdown.

Effective Cryptocurrency Exchange Software: Security Features

We apply various high-security features to make our development effective. Also, our crypto exchange development process is multi-layered security integrated. It implemented to make your cryptocurrency trade vulnerable to hacks.

- End to End Data Encryption - Several HTTP Authentication
- SSL(Secure Sockets Layer)- Security
- Intellectual System of Anti-Fraud polity.
- Two-Step Verification
- Escrow Technique
- Cryptocurrency Anti-Denial of Service (DOS)
-Cryptocurrency Anti-Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Methods

1. Collecting Requirements   2. Working or expanding exchange servers   3. Legality confirmation   4. Implementation of Match Engine   5. Implementation of High security   6. Blockchain Implementations   7. Integrate payment methods   8. Token/Coin Listing   9. Testing & Improvement   10. Coin/Token Listing   11. Test and Improve   12. Deployment.